Survival of the Fittest Girl - Nicotye

Survival of the Fittest Girl – Nicotye

Nicotye is a ‘near 40-year old’ outdoor enthusiast. She’s currently working towards an eventual doctorate in wildlife biology and is quite an accomplished outdoors-woman. Boasting things like “I’ve stared a bear down while it was charging me,” or “I snuck up on a mountain lion,” you’ll find this girl everywhere where the wildlife are prevalent. A renowned backpacker, she traveled across the country to solo-hike in the Rockies. For a hobby, Nic enjoys volunteering with different animal organizations to learn differences in behaviors with apex predators – usually cougars, which she loves, or snow leopards. More than any of those things, Nic lives for the outdoors. She epitomizes survival of the fittest girl because she can literally pack everything she needs on her back and disappear into the woods for days on end by herself.

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