Survival of the Fittest Girl Shawna

Survival of the Fittest Girl

Survival of the Fittest Girl Shawna

Survival of the Fittest Girl – Shawna

Fittest Girl Shawna is a 33 year old personnel trainer and bartender from Sarnia, Onterio Canada. At age 15 she was in a horrific car crash that left her on deaths door with a severe head injury. Her recovery was no less than miraculous and she left the hospital after a week. The crash aggrivated an existing spinal condition and six months later she was back in the hospital. After a 12 hour surgery she was left with two steel rods and 13 clamps stabilizing her spine. Paralysis was a possibility and her future mobility was in question. As soon as she could take her first steps she started working out and she never stopped pushing herself. She perfers to strengthen her back and body instead of taking pain meds. She likes going for short 3 mile runs but if she’s in the zone she may end up running for 12. Shawna is thankful for every breathe and step she takes and she looks forward to her first Warrior Dash this summer.She credits her grandparents for her determination and she is so proud of her 3 yr old son and her firefighter husband. Shawna says “I dream as if I will live forever, but live as if I will die tomorrow.”

Shawna represents the full spirit of ‘Survival of the Fittest Girl’

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  1. Ellen Alonzo says:

    I have known Shawna for several years, she is a trooper. I love her as a daughter and have always been in her corner. Shawna is the most deserving young lady i know. She has had her ups and downs in life but she never skips a beat when it comes to living life. She works hard and is very dedicated. I am very proud of her, this day and every day.

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