Globe Gripz – Review


At first glance you might write off Globe Gripz as just another gym accessory gimmick but look a little further and you’ll discover they’re actually a very versatile tool that can add options to even the most basic gym.

Globe Gripz are baseball-sized globes that easily fit onto any handle, barbell, dumbbell or cable grip, either standard (1-inch) or Olympic (2 inches). They can convert any straight bar into a multi-angel curl bar. They also allow you to use a neutral grip with a straight bar when performing any pressing or rowing movements, a small change which many people find helps keep their achy shoulders from getting irritated. But this comes at a price: the pulling motions also become intense grip tests. You’ll hate this when it makes you drop your post-workout protein drink, but in the long term more grip strength is never a bad thing.
I attached them to an overhead bar and experimented with a multitude of grips to perform pull-ups. The difficulty level ranged from easy to almost impossible. I liked the fact that I could focus on the weaker fingers and build strength in my grip where it was lacking.
I’ve been a proponent of using thick bars and grips like FatGripz (not made by the same manufacturer) for some time, so the appeal of custom grips was nothing new. However, these simple spheres have the potential to add a whole new dimension to thick bar training. This is especially true for pitchers and other throwing athletes who can practice sport-specific training in the weight room with a new level of specificity.
I’ve realized the benefits of using thick bars to increase grip strength and forearm size but using Globe gripz will add a new dimension to my thick bar training.


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